20 April 2024
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mel from uk: marriage restoration

please pray for my broken marriage ben & mel. my husband has mentally separated from me. he is angry and has he says i have controlled him for the last 16 ys. he is not reconciling and doesn't believe in the covenant marriage. he talks for a lady Sara constantly. Please pray for holy spirit to restore my husbands Ben heart back to Jesus and to the family. pls pray for Ben & Mel

J from Ireland: Dads cancer

Please pray that my dad Josephs PET scan will be cancer free, and that he is healed from this disease, and that my brother Milo is well

ARUN from INDIA: Marriage

Heavenly Father, guide me towards finding my true soulmate

Clarissa from Indonesia: Eye pain and stomach pain

I would like to have prayer on my stomach, eyes and teeth problem. Please pray to Remove any diseases that I have .please pray so that I can be pregnant and give birth to healthy children thank you

NJD from India: Healing of body organs

Sir, my prayer request, is that, after my wife Maryann Dsouza left me many months back, so out of depression, to forget her memories, i drank alcohol for 20 days. I became very sick and was admitted in hospital ICU for two months. My pancrease, gall bladder, bile duct, my kindneys and heart were damaged. I was bedridden for 7 months, now i can walk a little. Please pray that all my organs may be healed and Lord Jesus should make me whole again. I am saying novenas and praying for these causes. Couple of months back My liver snd Kidneys have bern healed by the Lord, but my Chronic Pancreatis, and my heart is giving me a lot of suffering and pain and my weight lost is 20 kgs so far. Please i request a fervent miracle prayer for my Pancreatitis and heart to heal completely, along with the gall bladder stones and bile duct blockage to dissolve. My heart ejection fraction is very low 27%, so may my lord increase the Ejection Fraction to its best and strengthen my heart muscles to pump blood to entire body and organs efficiently, and my weight to increase to normal, 75 kgs. Please, i beg you to pray for these requests. Yours faithfully Noel Dsouza

NJD from India: Return of my wife back to me

Sir, my wife has still not called or come back to me since a long time now. The Almighty God, maybe testing my faith and wants me to wait to transform my spiritually sick wife. I once again say my petition Due to some arguements with family members my wife Maryann Dsouza, left me and went abandoning me on 2nd January 2023. i took her 2 children of 1st husband, and married her, and were together for 28 years. I did everything i could for her and her children, till they got married, and now they are abroad. Now she visits her children and forgot me completely. I am a heart patient from Bombay, living in chennai, India, to be with her family, Now i have nobody here, because she blocked me from every body. She became very violent, nasty and angry for the past two years. The priest from Bangalore, India, Fr. Jose told me that my wife has a evil spirit in her, working against me. Sir, I am praying hard, I am 66 years old, and wife is 64 years old. Her children support and poisoned her mind to leave me. Sir, I want her back with me. i will not survive alone witout her. Please say a fervent miracle prayer to Almighty God and Lord Jesus that her heart may change from stone to flesh and she comes back to me. as per Gods will. Thank you. Yours faithfully Noel Dsouza

J from Ireland: Pets Health

T M's health is good and he will have a long and healthy life

LSB from France: I can't walk normally

Thanks for your prayers. ~~My hip is a little better but I still can't drive nor walk normally. ~~Also may God heal my shoulder, I have a frozen shoulder. and bless the family ostreinova from kiev in ukraine and my mother. ~~~~Oksana is a widow and cannot work because she is sick and nastia the daughter fell and hurt herself. ~~~~Sorry to ask you again for prayers. ~~Ludovic, Sarraz-Bournet, Grenoble

Jonathan from Ireland: Family healing

That mums colonoscopy is cancer free and that Milo's bloods are good and he doesn't have kidney failure or anything else wrong with him and he'll get better and live a long life.

Jonathan from Ireland: Family healing

That mom B's CT scan and colonoscopy will be clear of cancer in body and brain and that she will be healed. That dad J's PET-CT will be cancer free. For David and James, Jason, Emily, Milo, all online, Karri, Suz, the family, the future, work and our dead.

J from Ireland:

Please pray that my mom B's mammogram and ultrasounds will both be cancer free and that her CT scan will be cancer free and that all will be well. Please also pray that my dad J's PET scan will be cancer free.

M from uk: marriage restoration

please pray for my 16 years of marriage with B, he has mentally separated from me. He says i have controlled him for all these years and is filled with anger & hate. he has asked for divorce papers now. although he sleeps in the living room he doesnt communicate with me & this has also effected our teenager kid. he has started talking with a girl Sara & says he has no feelings or love for me. please pray for my marriage restoration & reconcillation with the help of the holy spirit.

VCB from Canada: Healing

Prayers are requested for healing VCB. Healing needs include: depression,  split personality disorder,  loneliness,  loss, and for her body, healing for sleep disorder,  and for a broken nose, needs stability and peace, heal Akashic records,  they need clearing,  send millions of angels and archangel Pahalia,  and lift up C,  heal her mind, heart trouble and family tree. Please include in the pastor's daily prayers and on your prayer chain and list for 6 months.

Marian from United States: Healing & Protection

Strength, Healing, Protection & Blessings for Stephen, Marian, Carl & Robert. Asking this in the Holy Name of Jesus. Thank You & God Bless!

marie louise sharp from South Africa: help me find peace

please pray for me and my family here in South Africa. please pray that I can find peace with the sudden loss of my life partner Rocco Marcus who passed in Tullamore hospital on the 20th August. i need strength to carry on.

Jax from USA: Hope

Prayer that Jesus would help me plow through my workload though I am anguishing from grave issues. I am learning a lot as a student that my brain is overwhelmed. Sometimes my program has me working hard that my arm hurt but I can't get to it tomorrow. And I'm missing my international friends to support my heart that I'm feel too small to continue. I need my brethren s help in churches, I won't cease daily when I can do it.

Valentine Judy Andrade from India : Healing of Judy

Pray for me, Judy that Echo Test of my heart comes normal.

Viola Cleo Bradshaw from Canada: Healing

Hello, I have a prayer request for the pastor and prayer team for ongoing prayer support for 6 months and yes you can send to your prayer chain and add to your prayer list. Pray to heal Viola Cleo Bradshaw stroke and mind from pain and suffering, heal center of consciousness, heal mind's eye, needs help talking to herself after suffering a brain aneurysm, heal emotional trauma and depression, loss, and split personality disorder and sleep disorder and nasal cavity desperate need due to BROKENNESS, yes i have a broken nose, send millions of angels and archangel Pahalia, lift up Cordelia Vogel heal her mind and heart trouble and family tree.

Josie YINHAN ZHOU from China: Prayer for hope

I humbly pray for the opportunities that God has given me to embark on pilgrimage tours through the UK, Ireland, and Europe. Additionally, I pray for guidance in my further plan to apply for a Master's program in History/Archaeology in Europe. This would allow me to visit churches and monasteries frequently, indulging in pilgrimage travels and deepening my sense of holiness in my daily life. Amen.

Valentine Judy Andrade from India : Valentine's family to settle in Bangalore in the year 2024 with good health, good jobs

Pray for Neha to be placed in Bank job govt job in Bangalore, Nikita to be placed in the best Company of Engineering with high package in Bangalore, bless Vellu Judy with good health good jobs in Bangalore, bless Neha Nikita to settle very close to each other in Bangalore, bless Neha Nikita with suitable loving holy understanding rich catholic life partners who will keep Vellu Judy in their homes, healNehas and Nikitaseyes and uterus heal them completely from PCOS problem heal Jairuss Kidneys from cancer heal Nehas throat and eyes completely from auto immune disease heal Judy from cancer depression anxietyphobiapanic attacks phobia insomnia, heal Vellu Jalaja from liver problems, deliver Vellu Jairus Arun from drinking alcohol completely, bless our finances lives intentions prayers studies future health and teaching profession.

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