01 February 2023
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Gabriel from Argentina: Prayer Intentions

For Pope Francis. For Diana and for me, for our families, neighbors, health, and prayer. For the healing of my stomach, liver, vesicle, pancreas, glands, spleen, kidneys, intestines, motricity, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, wrists, elbows, legs, feet, toes, nails, bones, muscles, and postural health. For the coronavirus pandemic to stop. For my former coworkers and their families. For my job. For me,to win the labor lawsuit. For the sick, the souls in purgatory, the salvation of all humanity, and world peace. For Ireland, and for my country Argentina.

Rob from USA: Mercy

For the intercession of the holy spirit in all actions of Clara Maria. In the name of Jesus, amen

N K from India: financial problems

Dear father. I am suffering from debts and basic needs please pray for my family.

R .T. from United States: Prayer for daughter

Immediately heal and clear all the acne bumps marks scars on her face now and for renewed confidence and relationships with her face completely smooth and clear now.

unknown from USA: Departed souls in the purgatory

Please pray for the departed souls of Miguel Z, Juana C, Carlos Z, Fernando Z, Juan Jose Z, Francisca G, Mariano T, Francisco T, Luteria T, Andrea Z, Ricardo T, Rafael Z, Luz J, Francisco Z, Ruberta C, Jovita Z, Bernardo Z, Teresa Z, Mariana Z, Rosa Z, Lupe S, Elias S, Miguel S, Socorro S, Lieser Z, Mariana Z, Esperanza Z, Pedro T, Rafael A, Maria J G, Keith D, Naomi D, Amelia A, & the souls in the purgatory.

Grace from Ireland : Prayer needed for family

Good evening I wonder if I could respectfully as that my son David be included in your prayers for his recovery that he will be well in mind and body and find a way to provide for himself financially in life through his art and designs. For my Downes Syndrome brother Austin who is not well at the moment for his recovery.

N from Australia: Pray I get my miracles Now plz

Hi, I am in praying from years ago still praying, really tired, plz help me , I need your help in my prayers, Plz pray I get my miracles soon Now Today plz, and pray God removes all obstacles that prevent me from reaching my miracles. and pray God protects me and my mother from all bad things. and pray God gives Peace to me and my mind. Thank you for every help you do to me, N.

Grace from Ireland: Prayer request urgent intercession for my sonfor my son

I pray thatmy son will recover his health and that he will be successfulin his new business, that he will come back to a prayerful life and if he could just regain some happiness in his life, please help me to understand and support him as best I can. Please remove negative evil PEOPLE frommy life. Restore my faith.

Martin Fitzpatrick from Tullamore : Please say a mass for my deceased parents and brother

Please can you please say a mass for my father Martin Fitzpatrick claremorris who died on 6/11/002 and my mother Margaret Fitzpatrick claremorris who died on 3/12/2005 and my brother David who died on 16/7/20 , thank you, Martin Fitzpatrick 28 hophill vale Tullamore

N. L. from Australia: Pray I get my miracles Now plz

Hi, Plz pray for me, I need your prayer very much, Plz pray I get my miracles soon Now Today, don't forget me in your prayers plz. Thank you so much. N.L.

Xavier from India: Repose of souls

Please pray for repose of souls of Mary Celine, Mary Beatrice, Celine Dias, Esperansa Rego, Victoria Conceisao, Aleixo Silva, Sucorinha Gomes, Lilia Conceisao, Leonora Correia, Peter Correia and Joseph Conceisao.

M from United States: Health

Recently my father, J. was diagnosed with a non-curable. fatal degenerative disease called Huntington’s Disease. Will you pray that his symptoms do not manifest, that he does not suffer and lives a long happy life. Now I will have to receive a test for Huntington’s and I am very afraid because doctors say I have a 50/50 chance of having it. Will you pray that I test negative for this disease, and the Lord heals my stress and gives me hope. Thank you

J.LL from United States: That the Lord help me find a godly wife

I would like prayer that the Lord help me find a godly wife. I have been divorced and despite my best efforts have not found the right one. But I know that Jesus can redeem this area of my life. Easily! The Word says that "it is not good for man to be alone" (Gen 2:18). I have been praying for this for a long time. I know that the more people that get behind something in prayer the more powerful it becomes. And so I present my prayer request. Thanks

A from usa: Liz MacLeod's miraculous healing

Please pray for L M’s healing, a young mother with pancreatic cancer and is now in hospice. Please pray for a miraculous healing, her two children need her!

M. M. from Barnet, Hertfordshire, England,UK: Prayer request for problems I am having

Please pray for me that Jesus helps me with my mental illness (schizophrenia) and prevents the horrible voices that criticise and make me stumble in my walk with God as a practicing Catholic/ Christian, please pray that God increases and sends good messengers and individuals who are benevolent instead of malignant. Please also pray that Jesus helps me get it together and gets everything done I have to do or plan to do without hinderance from others who are hostile to me and my purposes and good intentions and virtues. Please pray that God strengthens me to bear the cross he has given me of having a mental illness and helps me turn my life around and to get back up when I fall or falter because of external pressure. Please also pray that Jesus helps me to stop smoking and to resist the temptation to start again or give in and also to find support and encouragement against the continual opposition and persecution I face for following Him from the voices I hear because of my illness. Thank you all at Tullamore parish for praying for my intentions and may God bless you all, kind regards, M.

B from Ireland:

Please pray in agreement that god will defeat the plans of my enemies for my life

LSB from France: Hip prosthesis broken

Please pray Jesus for my problem of hip and right leg that prevents me from walking normally. 2 days ago I was in good health and practiced sport and worked but now can't walk. I believe that Jesus Christ will heal me of all sickness and also God will show me the way. I am now going to the hospital. Some bones, tendons and ligaments have been damaged. Please Jesus heal me and help also O. O. and her daughter N, in kiev with the grand mother I. They are christian but O cannot work. Thanks for your help. LSB. Grenoble. France > >

L from ITALY: request prayer

I ask you for prayers for important work decisions and on the choice of studies.

TAL from Australia:

I request prayer for the salvation of myself, JL., PH. and and JJ. Blessings, T

h from Ireland: we have covid and are very sick

please pray that this plague leaves our body and we are well again soon, as we are very very ill, weak, and extremely fatigued, it has taken over every inch of our body and left us like empty shells with everything now being sucked out of us. Nobody has ever said how bad it is to get covid, but its bad, so bad. especially if your older like me 60, my daughter is ill also, and i pray it had no long term impact on her. Help her in her life and studies, and that life goes easy on her as this year has been so hard for her, and this is making me so sad, and she doesn't deserve it.

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