31 May 2023

Cookie Policy

Using our website

Our website (https://www.tullamoreparish.ie) uses cookies to improve your experience and to provide tailored information. We will ask you for your consent to use cookies on our website as required by GDPR. (The cookie consent bar will appear at the bottom of the screen when you first visit the site. At any other time click the link on the Home page.)

What are cookies?

Cookies are text files stored on your computer so when you visit a website it can remember who you are. Using cookies allows websites to remember your preferences and behaviour which enables websites to improve your experience. 

Cookies can be set by the owner of the website or in some cases by third party services the website owner allows to present or store other information or provide other functionality such as data analytics.

How are they used on this site?

Cookies are used to improve the functionality of our website. We use cookies to improve your experience. We also use cookies to remember your preferences and to prevent you from re-submitting information already provided.

We may also use cookies set by third parties for other functionalities such as data analytics.

Managing & Removing Cookies

Should you change your mind in the future you always have the option of removing cookies from your browser. Please use the below links depending on your browser:

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