03 June 2023
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David from United Kingdom:

Dear Lord, I am praying for David and Magda, Maria and their kids, that they would come back to You. Guide them every day and help their family to move on in love. Send your Angels to help them. Send them daily bread and protect them from evil. Amen

A. from USA: God Save Eric

Please pray for Eric. Please pray for his salvation. Eric needs Jesus Christ. Please pray for God to open Eric’s eyes to see his needs for Jesus. Please pray for God’s grace for Eric to turn to Jesus Christ, repent, and be saved!!! Please believe for Eric’s breakthrough. Please pray for God’s mercy for Eric. Pray that he will experience New Life in and through Jesus Christ.

N. K. from Ireland: missing person young man,

please help all the people in my parish to find terry soon, almost a week gone, ask st anthony to intercede us to find him as he is the saint who finds people and also items that get mislaid.

Ire from India: Relationship Restoration

Heavenly Father, thank you that you are great and abundant in power, your understanding is beyond measure. Hear my prayer for relationship restoration. Where there is hostility, please bring kindness. Where there is conflict, please bring gentleness. Where there is sin, please bring forgiveness.Bring compassion to the hardness of heart.God please renew Raju soul and make him understand how much i love him and need him in my life, Please make his parents and my parents see our true love and accept our relationship. God please open a door of heaven and grant a miracle in our live. Help us Lord!Have mercy on us Lord! Give us a chance to continue on the journey that we started. Through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour i pray Amen!!

R. A. from Ghana: Money

I am seriously facing life challenges here in Accra, Ghana. Things are not working at all for me; no job, no money, irregular church activities because of financial problem, frustrated, depressed and confused. Please help me in prayers. I've planned this year to seek God very well through prayers and study but things are not moving well for me. I need the prayer of God's children.


My husband left me and filed for divorce. It has been very hard on me financially. Can you please pray God is going to do a miracle in my situation soon.

P from Anonymous :

Lord God please bless my team with deliverance from displaced anger and frustration and chronic stress which leads to mean spirited acts towards me as stress relievers by my teammates. I pray for lots of positive interruptions and diversions in this team. Give me peace m the morning calm and tranquility in Jesus name. I want to be a bigger blessing to mom and dad and my family and Ann and my students please Christ give me supernatural favor with them all. I feel really glum about it please boost my spirits in the morning. I pray Mom will receive positive feedback and kindheart reception and respect and consideration from the staff at my brother’s

Anonymous from Anonymous :

Lord God please help me today. Please bless Mom and Dad with victory and supernatural favor with the staff at my brother’s facility. The treatment has been very negative especially towards mom and I pray for a change. Please bless Mom supernatural with the Holy Spirit minister to her tonight and help her feel Your presence inside of her. Show Mom Lord fhar You’ve got her back and victory is on the way for her. I pray Mom will feel an overwhelming sense of joy through Christ in the morning

Sean from Mayo: financial problems

dear lord I am struggling with having no money to provide for me or my family. I have done a daily millions please bless that ticket and bring me fortune and good luck

E and family from meath: a problem to be resolved asap

Please pray for E. who is having problem with her son and girlfriend. Help the situation to be resolved asap, ask St. bridget to intercede for this situation please, in Jesus name.

Gabriel from Argentina: Family and job

For Diana and for me,for our families, neighbors, health, prayer,and studies. For Diana,to find a good job. For Diana's healing. For my job,for me,and for my job companions, specially for our working safety at the subway. For Lidia, Sergio,Amalia,Ariel, Pekito,my friends, Ignacio,my brothers, Lucia, Karina,Selem,Elena,Jose,all my uncles and all my aunts, Adrian, Paola, Carla, Paula, Diego, Maya,Teo,Maria, Neli, Pedrito, Luis and Mari and their family, Luisa and her family, Cynthia and her family, Lucrecia,Indij, Monica, Melina. For Ireland,and for my country Argentina. For world peace.

JFC from France: marriage

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I would like to ask for prayers to find a job and pass a librarian competition this year. May the Lord help me to be as productive as possible

zep from usa: Health and Financial

Jesus Christ, please bless Miguel, Luz, Sonia, Joel, Jose, Oscar, Betty, Noe, Waldo, Cesar, Carlos, Teresa, Clemen, Pancho, Moises, and families. Protect them of all illness, evil, enemies, and help them prosper in life.

Gayan Fernando from Sri Lanka: PhD Admission Offers

I applied for higher studies (Ph.D.) in the USA. Admission decisions are coming soon. Please pray for me to receive admission offers. Thank you!

Dwi from ---: very urgent prayer request

My name is Dwi. Please pray for me without ceasing. I need a lot of prayers and miracles.

Pamela Bailey from USA: important prayer

My husband left me three months ago and filed for divorce. I am having a hard time with this. Can you please pray for me that God is going to do a miracle in my situation.

Eugenia fain from Usa: Promise

I have a promise that god gave me and I am praying for god to manifest it in early 2020

Zalan from Magyarország: healing

On January 24, I will have my university state exam. Out of 16 items "A" and 16 items "B", I would only randomly select 1 + 1 items that I could learn. I need to present my thesis and my online portfolio with short PowerPoint presentations. I have more problems due to stress: I'm overweight + 40kg. Difficulty breathing, feeling full, bloating. Varicose veins, leg edema, lower abdominal hernia. Chronic insomnia Frequent night urination Thank you your pray.

Anders from NY: God's plan

Dear God, dear Jesus, thank for my family, my influential friends, my beautiful loving girlfriend. Thank you Jesus for your understanding, forgiveness, compassion and love. Thank you for letting love and money come easy and effortless to me and winning millions of dollars in the lottery. Thank you for making all my dreams come true, moving to California, getting married to Sophie, having kids and becoming a little loving family. Thank for Jesus for Sophie as my final destination in life, she's my true love, my lover and life partner, if feel so lucky for God had us meet. Thank you Jesus for giving me faith. Thank you Jesus for respecting me. Thank you.

stephen from India: INCOME


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