19 January 2021
Eucharistic Adoration


For well over ten years the Blessed Sacrament has been almost perpetually exposed in the Hospital Chapel. Parishioners and people from outside the parish keep a constant vigil before the Lord, truly present in the Eucharist. In the midst of our hectic and busy world, the Hospital Chapel is a real oasis of peace.  Combined with the many Masses that are celebrated weekly in Tullamore and Durrow our community is truly Eucharistic.

As with all things, there is a constant call for renewal and fresh energy. Would you consider giving an hour on a weekly basis to keep this fantastic project going? It can be a time for you to renew your own faith and to bring to God in prayer your life - ups and downs. There are number of hours that need to be filled in order to maintain the Adoration.  All that is required is that you come stay in the Chapel before the Lord. How you pray depends on you, the only thing that you need is to be conscious that you are in the presence of Christ Himself.
The Eucharist is the source of our faith.  We enter into communion with God himself. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is perfect way to prepare to receive the Lord in Communion, a time to ask of Him and to thank Him for all he gives us. An hour might seem like a long time.  People often feel that they couldn't concentrate and pray for sixty minutes.  The only important thing is to be there, the Lord looks after the rest.  Is this His invitation for you?

Times that require people for adoration are:
Sunday 12noon, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm;
Monday 6am, 5pm, 10pm, 11pm;
Tuesday 4pm, 10pm;
Wednesday 9am, 2pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm; Thursday 2am, 9am, 4pm;
Friday 4pm, 5pm;
Saturday 7pm, 8pm.
Contact: Triona/John 9321232