22 October 2020

Cemetery Sunday In Durrow

Sunday 11th. was the date for the annual outdoor mass and blessing of the graves in Durrow. There was a huge attendance for the event which was celebrated in glorious September sunshine. Mass was celebrated by Fr. Rory O'Brien and Fr. Kevin Fleming while Durrow Church Choir provided the music and hymns. At the end of mass both priests extended a blessing over all the graves.

Father Kevin thanked all who had taken part and complimented the committee on the great work done in preparation for the day. He also praised everyone who had made huge efforts to preserve and maintain family plots.

This year, the comittee has completed the resurfacing of some paths and steps and erected new safety railings. There is also a new ramp to allow easy movement for all between the different levels in the cemetery. These are a great boost to ensuring the safety of all who visit the cemetery and our parish extends congratulations to all involved. There are some pictures of the newly completed features at the end of this page.


Durrow16 02

 Father Kevin Fleming celebrating mass.


Durrow16 03

Father Rory O'Brien con-celebrant.


Durrow16 04

 Part of the large congregation 


Durrow16 05


Durrow16 06

Providing music for Durrow choir


Durrow16 07


Durrow16 08


Durrow16 09




Durrow16 10

 Blessing the burial plots.


Durrow16 12

Mona O'Reilly, Tullamore.


Durrow16 13

Lucy & Mary Wrafter


Durrow16 14

Mary & Malachy Spollen


Durrow16 15


Durrow16 16


Durrow16 17

New handrails and brightly marked steps


Durrow16 18

 Newly surfaced path


Durrow16 19 

 New safety railings


Durrow16 20

 New ramp


Durrow16 21

Easy acces to all levels.