25 May 2015
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william cullen from United Kingdom: healing

Please pray for my father-in-law, clifford, that he will regain his belief in himself, and restore his confidence,that his health and the health of my mother-in-law will be restored; that my niece, Vicky, will have a safe birth. Dear Jesus, I place my trust in You. William

Gerald Phillips from Uk Basingstoke Hants x Pc 426 City of London Police : Please pray for the Brennan family after their great loss

I am an old friend of Austin Brennan. I want to trace him. I know him to be a good man. A fine singer and a family man. A religious man too. I have just found of his great loss of his wife Ann in March 2015 and Id like him to know I'm praying that he recovers from his great loss. As one gets older one gets to realise just what is important in life. Death comes to us all but its never easy to cope with .

Priyanka.Pappachan from UAE: for getting job

Please pray for me to get a job.

Andrew from United Kingdom : Security of housing & healing

I am trying to face serious illness and the very real prospect of losing my home. I am so desperately worried and alone. I pray for security in my housing accommodation, healing and peace of mind in this great distress. I would deeply appreciate the kindness of your prayers. Thank you.

R SANUJAN from Sri Lanka: for job

dear brother, My name is Sanujan from Srilanka. I have been trying to get foreign vacancy for last seven months but this time to I did not got that. for that I have been praying form Jesus. I'm middle class one brother please pry for me. if I get that job it will really help me. This my dream in my life. Please pray for me. May God bless you.

Suchitra from India: Jobless Husband

Please lord help me for my Husband Dhayanithi jobless for almost two years. Our Family finance situation is too bad but I still put my trust and hope in you.....please my dear lord Jesus help me Amen.

ginna from Philippines:

Praying for the healing of my husband who has diabetes complication of hypertension, kidney and poor left eyesight. A dedicated family man and a pastoral worker who loves to be of service to others. He needs fervent prayers at this time that God may continuously touch him and free him from his ailments.

THOMAS ISAAC from Qatar: Prayer needed for job

Dear Beloved in Christ I am going through very tough time. I am trying for a job since May 2012.Nothing in progress as of now. This is not the first time in my life. I went through the difficulties between 1994-2005.I am a qualified professional holding two master degrees (Master of Business Administration ,Master of Commerce. I am 41 years old. We are living in Qatar since 2005 March. We have 2 children. Daughter is 6.5 years old and Son is 6 months old. My wife's salary is not enough though she is working in Government Service..Qatar. Please pray to remove all obstacles. We are really in difficulties' don't know how to express our grief. Please keep us in your prayers. Thomas

Mary Jane Vu from United States of America: Prayer for Healing

I have been sick to the point of almost being hospitalized. Please pray the awful symptoms of sickness stop, and for complete immediate and permanent healing of heart body mind and soul I have been sick for almost a month. The anxiety is as severe as the symptoms. Please pray God heals me and comforts me & my family who are worried about me.

Lorraine from Ireland: pregnancy

Please God, grant me the favour I seek which is to get pregnant and give birth to a healthy happy baby, and that I will recover well from the birth. Thanking you.

jesna from india: exam

Please pray for me that I may get a good job. Please also pray for my friend (Soorya) get a good result in 10th exam and also please pray for all exam students.

jesna from india: marriage

Please pray that I may get a God-fearing & God loving partner

s from sa: personal matters

greetings in the name of our holy mother all thanks to her. please pray for every need i lift before ty holy throne of grace. pray for gods hands upon sister AG and her family as they going through a tough challeges in their lives. pray for DR and SR in their rsh bring them together and help them resolve their issues. pray that DR will come to SR and he will call her soon. pray for our sister SRR gods hands upon her. pray for finances, release her from debts. pray for to get her license and car soon, help her focus, concentrate, remember as she is taking lessons. help her perfect her driving skill. pray fro her to continue with her degree, pray that the university will allow her to convert her diploma into a degree. pray that she wil not be peanlised fro not attending her graduation, no added costs. pray for gods favour and blessing in the workplace. pray for increase, promotion and bonus. thank mother of god. amen

Dee from Eire: Healing

Please pray for a dear friend Ann that they will be able to stabilise her diabetes and that she'll be home soon from hospital and get stronger and more independent again. I'm so worried about her, please pray for her.

Andrew from United Kingdom: Security & Healing

My name is Andrew. I am facing serious illness and the very real prospect of losing my home. I am so desperately worried, weary and alone. I pray for security, healing and peace of mind in these my senior years. I would deeply appreciate your prayers. Thank you.

Mary King from usa: please help us say no to the alcohol

Please be with mike, Sharon and myself and help us say no to the alcohol. Please give us strength under this powerful drug. Please be with mr. O'Leary and may he recover from his surgery. amen

Marc from Germany:

200 Christians were kidnapped by jihadists of the Islamic state in Syria and threatened to be killed. Pray for them.

Joseph Yeo from Malaysia: Prayer for Inner Healing and Peace

My daughter Julie Yeo aged 22 has her weight reduced 40% for the third time in 11 years and is now v. v. thin. She is taking very little carbohydrates and meat. Her period never come. Pray that the Lord Jesus will free her completely from what is troubling her and she can be happy emotionally and to have the appetite to eat correctly. She is now in 3rd year medical studies and I am deeply grieved by this affliction for the 3rd time. The last 2 times were in 2004 and 2009. This time from mid 2014. Thank you and God Bless.

Dwi from Indonesia: Prayer Request - I am Thirsty

My name is Dwi and I am Thirsty. Please I beg you to pray for me.I'm very very poor in this life: my economy financial hardship, bad health, unfinished study. I' m in very difficult situation. I have problems in economic, finance, and employment. I hope I can get many many graces and miracles. I can find job. I want to have some business to support our family life. I hope deliver soon from my problems in economic,finance, and employment. Pray for me so God have mercy on me and my big family. Please remember me always in your every first Friday Mass for nine times and your rosary prayers and meditations.

jerome blackwell from United States: appeals case

Please pray that my SSA appeals case be approved this week or next in the name of Jesus. Amen

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