03 September 2014
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Claire from Ireland: Help to conceive

Please pray that my husband and I conceive a precious child again. We have been trying quite a while with no luck and we are desperate to add to our loving family and have a sibling for our son. Thank you most sincerely.

EF from USA:

For our house to be sold so we can get out of debt.

Priya from India:

Dear Jesus, Please help my mom (M.Pramila) who is in ICU in Jaydeva Hospital. She has undergone open heart surgery and is also diabetic. Now and again she is admitted for water stored in her lungs (ICD) Please save her from this hell, Dear Jesus. She is suffering a lot of pain in her chest & feels unconscious & dizzy. Jesus Mary and Joseph please help her. She is in need of your help. She is our only hope. We don't have any relations except her, Jesus. We want our mom safely home after a good recovery. We will be very thankful for our Mom to be given strength from this. Please save her, Jesus. Please don't leave us orphans.

tc from usa: urgent prayer needed. . .son in anger

Please pray urgently for my son's conversion. He and his wife have separated. He is obsessed with hatred and contemplating (tempted by Satan) harming her. Pray that Satan is thwarted and that God's grace overwhelms him and he surrenders to His peace and forgiveness. This is urgent and immediate. He has just driven to the town where she is living - the battle inside him raging.

molly from US: help

Dear God, Please help Molly to fear less as appropriate; and only if appropriate.

thavrin pillay from south africa: pray i thavrin pillay pass my 3,4,5 th year of dentistry

Pray that I Thavrin Pillay pass my dentistry exams. I pray also for good health wealth & happiness. Pray I have God's divine protection and guidance. Pray I have love peace and happiness. Pray for my fiance Shamantha that we get married and she be happy

Cecil Corriea from India: Urgent Prayer requests

Hi Please lift up an urgent need for God's intervention for a court case currently under way in Bombay filed falsely by an influential CHRISTIAN BELIEVER for God's mercy on this brother whom we have already forgiven. That Jesus sets us free from the clutches of this Christian Beleiver who is very well politically connected for nothing is IMPOSSIBLE FOR our LORD.

Fatima Thomas from india: Request

I would request you to kindly intercede for my two daughters - ankita to do well in her job and that her team leaders should behave well with her. Vineeta to do well in her studies and sanjoy for all his curses to be broken and negative energy to be removed from his life. Me for my debts to be cleared and all my curses of debts to be washed away by blood of jesus.

Alfred Griffith from US: Healing for Michael

Please Pray for Isabelle and her husband Michael who was diagnosed with Guillian Barre Syndrome from a flu vaccination.

pirfa kumbin from jos, Nigeria: warfare prayer

Please pray for the massive outpouring of Gods power upon my life, destiny and future.

Daisy from United States: John's re-birth and a restored relationship

Please pray for the love of my life, John Wheeler, who is on his way to Ireland as I type. He is the man God has called me to marry, but our relationship has been directed off course. Please pray for God to restore our relationship. Pray that grace, love, and mercy will flood our hearts for each other. Pray for our hearts to be set on each other for the glory of God, by his merit alone. Please pray for our restoration so that we will have a testimony for other's suffering from broken relationships and marriages. Please pray for his time in Ireland that he will be showered with God's truth. Thank you. God bless you.

Alfred from Machias, Maine USA: Pray for Eric

Prayer Request : Please pray for Eric McDonald...Please pray for his salvation... Pray God to have mercy upon Eric's soul... May the light of Christ fill his being. "Heavenly Father, open Eric's heart to your love, mercy, and forgivness..save his soul in the name of Jesus Christ...amen Thank You, Alfred

Damian from Malaysia: Physical Healing & Complete Recovery

Dear mother Mary, My life has been in misery and pain for more than a year now. My injuries to my loins, groin ,bladder, and pelvic floor region has shattered my life as a man. My vertigo (BPPV) has also made my physical health even worse. My hopes of complete healing and full recovery are fading Mary, my Mother. When I look at my condition I feel so helpless and hopeless. Can you please, I beg you Mary, through your intercession, I will be healed again completely physically. Return my physical health as a man to me again, Mother Mary. Damian (Malaysia)

YK from Hong Kong: Heal my father

My heavenly Father, I am deeply worried about my dad's health problem, please give him a miraculous healing. I put all my trust and faith in you and know that with you everything is possible YK

Shauna from United States: restoration of relationship

I pray that God will restore my relationship with Aaron and that I will once again hear from him and see him on a regular basis. I pray that we will be blessed to spend the rest of our lives together and that he will forgive me.

JANIS MOUTON from United States:

Please pray for good health and financial blessings for Alina Latchman, also for good health and relief from pain. Please pray also for Roman Mouton 4th and Jovan Mouton, wishing them health, prosperity, peace and love.

Bill and Carol from United States: Slow Recovery...

Updated Prayer Request! EASTER..ASCENSION DAY.. 3PM”HOUR OF MERCY.”..2014! Dear Community of Prayer, Thank you for praying with us daily in our dark night of soul! Please pray for God's Peace and Eternal Rest in our trouble hearts and souls! Slow Recovery from the Death of Our Only Son and Other Ongoing Sorrows... Oh God, Our Broken & Exhausted Hearts Continue to Cry out to You Day & Night for Your Mercy & Peace Now & in the Days ahead..Easter,Ascension Day & through out 2014? Please pray with us daily for God's Mercy & Peace Now and through out 2014? Or as long as possible? Pass on to the Nuns,Sisters,Monasteries,Parishes,Prayer Groups,Prayer Chains,Churches and others you know of in the Worldwide Community of Prayer?URGENT!! Thank you for praying, Bill&Carol. usa PS. Going through horrible financial crisis which is making our recovery so much harder! Our Land Lord has raised our rent and wants us out! We are both well past 60 and very tired! PLEASE PRAY FOR A MIRACLE IN THIS AREA! URGENT!!!

David Hawkins from England: sick people

Please pray for Charles Martin and Pal Anguss who are sick

Susan from US:

Please pray that The Lord will heal the circumstances of Susan’s life.

David Hawkins from England: to gain employment and a girl friend

Please pray that I gain employment to pay my bills and also to help other people who are less fortunate than myself and to feel needed and wanted. Amen Please also pray that I find a girl friend to share life'e problems and the good times I am 40 this year and I have never had a girl friend Amen

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