06 February 2016
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manishka nayak from India: success

i m taking part in dancing competition nationally. and I'm taking my board exams in march. Please pray for my success.

jenn m. from us:

please pray for jenn m, max m and grant them health, peace and motivation in this new year. thank you.

anon from uk:

Please pray Robert will return to the children & me immediately. Please pray Our Lady will intercede for us & ask God to help Robert return to us urgently just as He encouraged st Joseph to return to Our Lady.

Claret Pinto from Qatar: Please pray for my visa (Oman Job)

Lord, the Almighty with utmost power. I need your miracles on my job in Oman. Please enlighten the minds of the officers in the Immigration to issue the work visa without any hurdles / Rejection. It has been told that 06th to 11th Dec 2015, the HR is expecting some updates. Please Lord, do not let me down. I beg you that my job offer for 2016 remains and do not lead to loss of Job. I beg Lord, I beg…..

Sue Connolly from England: A prayer for 3rd anniversary of Dad passing

Please pray for the soul of Edward Connolly (Ned) of Kilbride Street. It's 3 years on the 7th December since Dad's passing. reunited with his loving parents, brothers and sisters. Adored, loved and so very much missed everyday by his family. Mother Mary please pray for his soul and look down on us, with comfort. Into God's loving arms, may his soul rest in eternal peace. Till we meet again Dad. xx

Vandana from India: Please Pray I get a Job

Please pray that God bless me with a well-paying job so that I can earn a decent living using my God-given skills & take care of my aging Mom. I have been out of work for a year & been pulling through with occasional freelance stints. Please pray for me and my Mom.

Michelee Wright from Jamaica: Employment

In the name of Jesus, lord I pray that you will provide a job for me overseas immediately. Lord I'm desperate. Thank you for hearing and answering my prayers. Amen

NAGESHWER PANDEY from INDIA: deliverance

Please say a prayer for deliverance from 3 evil spirits torturing me for 4 years. They are always present 24 hours a day, talking with me. They give me threats and nightmares. They give me pain and day by day I am getting weaker. please help me remove these evil spirits from my life and save me. Please unlock my mind, body and soul and give me complete healing.

p from e: just hear me

Please God hope jp returns soon. He answers no phones or texts and he clearly has taken to bottle.worried sick

Sue Connolly from England : a prayer for Pauline Agnes Neve - her passing

A blessing for the soul of Pauline Agnes Neve. Loving wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother. Into God's loving arms, surrounded by love eternally, reunited with her loving husband. Mother Mary pray for her soul and the souls of the departed. Mother Mary bless her loving family, especially her devoted daughter Carolyn.

Claret from Doha: Please pray for the intention

Almighty and Merciful Lord, My PRO has to meet the Immigration in charge Officer in Qatar today or tomorrow (15th or 16th Sep 2015) to get permission for my Mom’s visa. Please enlighten the mind of the Officer to sign the paper and give strength to the PRO to explain the need. Lord, I also surrender my visa to Oman. Help Lord to get my visa at the earliest. Lord, please stop all the infighting of my parents. Please Lord Help our family prosper. Give us all the strength wisdom, guidance, govern us. Claret (Doha)

Charles from Nigeria: Please pray for God's divine mercy on me

Please pray for me that our Lord Jesus Christ may bestow His divine mercy on me granting on me job security; May the Lord bless my family too granting upon us good health, healing and divine favours to the glory of His name, amen.

Marie Doherty from Leitrim Ireland : Prayer full time steady employment

Dear lord. I am praying for full employment. I feel I have no confidence in myself and I seek direction in finding employment that I may have happiness and security. I pray for light at the end of the tunnel

Adewale from Nigeria: Open doors for good job

Pray for me to get a good and lucrative job speedily as I am tired of working as a slave as a child of God.I need a breakthrough to get a very good job

Anon from Ireland: Pray for our marriage

Please pray for our marriage. The storms of the past few years have eroded the friendship that protects our core. I pray that God helps us find our mutual respect again as we attempt to join together to fight to save a bond worth saving. Lord, give us strength, give us hope. Amen.

Alan John Foreman from Australia: Full time work

I am seeking full time work as a Registered Nurse. My problem is I lack experience. I am hoping and praying that Jesus and Mary can guide me and open the correct doors for me.

S.Chellappa Asirvatham from India: Prayer Request

Dear All, Kindly pray for my Elder Brothers (S.Amuldhas & C. Daniel) to free them of depression, tension & alcohol habits. Pray for them so that they can prosper in their business work and achieve success. Also pray for their Good & Healthy Family Life. May God pour all blessings on them. Regards, S.Chellappa Asirvatham

Manjunath from Karnataka: Healing and job

I would like to request a prayer regarding my job and health. I was working on contract for 6 Months which has expired and again I am looking for a job. Also, my Health is not good as I am suffering from Diabetes and Piles Problem. I am losing the faith that Jesus will heal me and will help me with the job. I would request you all please to pray the Lord to strength me with Faith and to heal me and Bless me with the job as well.

sarah from usa:

Here is my testimony on what i have been through within the past 6 years of my marriage i lost my partner because i was unable to give him a child and my mother in-law wanted me out, i also try getting married for about a year i was still unable to get pregnant so a friend of mine told me about pregnancy spell that she was also having the similar problem that i am going through now, And when she had the pregnancy spell on her after one week she started seeing changes so i have to contact Dr Ekaka from the ekakaspelltemple@yahoo.com and immediately i contact him, he immediately respond to my email and told me what was going wrong in my life and what i need to do so that i can get pregnant which i did and is also two months now since i contacted him and i have started seeing changes in my life and i am two months pregnant now i am so happy and i want to show my appreciation by sharing this testimony with you all here.

Suraj Abraham from India: Unemployed - Interview on 16th June 2015

Currently Jobless, I need prayer for an interview on 16 June 2015 I am without a job since 4 years. Kindly pray for me to perform well during Interview and get selected for the job. Desperately need job Very Urgently to support my family. Suraj Abraham.

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