28 January 2015
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Kasiviswanathan from India: To get job

I lost my job in 2011. After that I got few jobs but made mistakes in it. Now more suffering. Please pray for me to get job urgently to take care of me and my family.

Carolyn from United States: A job

Please pray for a good job for me. Thank you!

CArol from United States: Urgent Prayer Request for Healing

I would like to ask all prayer warriors to join me in my prayers to the Lord, Jesus Christ, the divine healer. I pray to you dear Jesus to reach down your miraculous hand and touch my son, Dan. Dan has been in severe sciatica pain for almost a full year and in the last four months has undergone 2 back surgeries with no relief. Please Jesus, come to Dan's aid. Reach our your loving hand and heal Dan's sciatica nerve so that it no longer brings him this devastating pain. Heal it completely Jesus so that Dan can be freed not only of the pain, but the depression and loss of light in his spirit willing him to live. I ask this humbly, Jesus as I believe in your power to heal even those that others have given up all hope on. Please Lord Jesus heal Dan. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Amen.

TEJAL from India: growth in our lives

prayers for finances for good relations for marriage for travel abroad

TEJAL from India: growth in our lives

Lord, I pray that You come and bless each minute of each situation of our lives

Sue Connolly from surrey, England : prayer for my Dad, 2nd anniversary of passing

Please pray for Ned Connoly. Born and bred in Kilbride Street, passed 2 years ago on the 7th at home. Desperately missed by his family and friends. Reunited with his beloved Mother & Family in heaven, May he be blessed with Gods love and prayer. Till we meet again Dad xxx

Alfred Griffith from United States: Healing for Michael

Please Pray for Isabelle and her husband Michael who was diagnosed with Guillian Barre Syndrome from a flu vaccination.

charles from uuuuuu: finance

please pray for clients in my business and also for finances and house.

Mary Ryan from Ireland: son involve in drugs

Please help we need to get help for our son so that he comes to aaccept his problem

H.Rita from UK: new job

Please pray that I will get a new job, which I would really enjoy doing! Please pray for guidance, self-confidence and also for successful applications and interviews. Thank you.

t from singapore: Financial problem and depression

Pl pray for me to overcome my financial problem and depression.

Henry from ─░ndia: Pray for my son

Please pray for my son, Aaron. for his anger and short temper

Joanne from USA: Miracle Needed

My 28 yr. old son, Joseph, has a very aggressive form of lymphoma that does not respond to chemotherapy. He received an experimental treatment at the National Cancer Institute. Please ask our dear Lord God to heal Joseph and bless him with results of being in a full remission when he meets with his doctors on 09/11/14. Thank You.

Claire from Ireland: Help to conceive

Please pray that my husband and I conceive a precious child again. We have been trying quite a while with no luck and we are desperate to add to our loving family and have a sibling for our son. Thank you most sincerely.

EF from USA:

For our house to be sold so we can get out of debt.

Priya from India:

Dear Jesus, Please help my mom (M.Pramila) who is in ICU in Jaydeva Hospital. She has undergone open heart surgery and is also diabetic. Now and again she is admitted for water stored in her lungs (ICD) Please save her from this hell, Dear Jesus. She is suffering a lot of pain in her chest & feels unconscious & dizzy. Jesus Mary and Joseph please help her. She is in need of your help. She is our only hope. We don't have any relations except her, Jesus. We want our mom safely home after a good recovery. We will be very thankful for our Mom to be given strength from this. Please save her, Jesus. Please don't leave us orphans.

tc from usa: urgent prayer needed. . .son in anger

Please pray urgently for my son's conversion. He and his wife have separated. He is obsessed with hatred and contemplating (tempted by Satan) harming her. Pray that Satan is thwarted and that God's grace overwhelms him and he surrenders to His peace and forgiveness. This is urgent and immediate. He has just driven to the town where she is living - the battle inside him raging.

molly from US: help

Dear God, Please help Molly to fear less as appropriate; and only if appropriate.

thavrin pillay from south africa: pray i thavrin pillay pass my 3,4,5 th year of dentistry

Pray that I Thavrin Pillay pass my dentistry exams. I pray also for good health wealth & happiness. Pray I have God's divine protection and guidance. Pray I have love peace and happiness. Pray for my fiance Shamantha that we get married and she be happy

Cecil Corriea from India: Urgent Prayer requests

Hi Please lift up an urgent need for God's intervention for a court case currently under way in Bombay filed falsely by an influential CHRISTIAN BELIEVER for God's mercy on this brother whom we have already forgiven. That Jesus sets us free from the clutches of this Christian Beleiver who is very well politically connected for nothing is IMPOSSIBLE FOR our LORD.

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