24 March 2019

Johann Trummer

johann trummer


Dr. Johann Trummer is a native of Styria and has lived since he was ten years in Graz. Yet he describes himself not as an Austrian. "I am European and have been for 40 years," says the professor, as he prepared to Mary in the Protestant Church held concert. Even in GDR times, "I had an uncanny interest in the people here and in other Eastern bloc countries."
Many friendships

Since the 1970s he visited regularly especially the Dresden and Leipzig region. Many friendships have developed. The open friendly man with the typical Austrian pronunciation comes quickly to chatting. He is, for example, for 30 years Board Member of the Bach Society in Leipzig. Before turning to him was the East German government even allowed visa-free to enter and leave, "I pass an official of the University of Graz and has had enough."

Trummer, celebrated this year in the company of his family, his 70th major Birthday. "With 75 guests." He does, however, much younger. "Maybe that was a mistake," he says with a grin and mischievous acts immediately familiar. Surprised Trummer, laughing, "I preached almost every Sunday in the Graz Cathedral" "Although I am a Catholic priest for 40 years and am." Besides theology, he holds a PhD including the harpsichord and organ. At the university of arts teaching the multi-faceted man many years and still doing it now and then. "I would not need more."

The educational tasks in his home town but not presented to him and he taught especially playing the organ at other universities such as in Minsk and St. Petersburg and is considered a luminary. "I've always tried to educate many students from the Eastern Bloc countries and give them a chance."

But he has also taught elsewhere - for example, in Manila. There was even built a small organ workshop, and are now in Manila for 18 years built organs. Johann Trummer was the initiator and supporter of this project and was involved also crucial in the formation of an organ builder. "Now working for nine locals and create wonderful instruments," he says proudly, mentioning that the organ at Halle Georg-Friedrich-Händel Conservatory was established in the Philippines.

"The contrast of my job helps me to live so intensely." Very early in the 1960s, the passionate musician during his travels have focused particularly on the Eastern Bloc countries. "Because I told myself that no one else does." In the Russian Orthodox churches, there are no organs and so is the willingness to learn the local students incredibly big.

Bach Fascination

Long before the turn there was really only for Trummer's intellectual concept of Europe. "The won democracies can be improved to some extent yet, but it may go a step back." Musically it has a particular professor, "that Johann Sebastian Bach" done. "Anyone who drank from Bach's music, 'has, lets get drunk again," Trummer describes his endless fascination with images of the musician whose life and work.

The artist Maria and Ekaterina Leontjewa he met the rest in St. Petersburg. The "retired biologist and ambitious flutist Ludwig Baumgarten is a longtime friend." Together with them, he complemented the performances of various artists during the 5th German-Russian Music Festival.

Popular mixed organ and chamber music concerts have been held including in Friedersdorf, Sporer, and Sander Zörbig village.